Lab Members


Graduate Students

Justin Aoki, PhD Student
  • I study various aspects of moral psychology, ranging from moral decision making, moral judgments, moral behaviors, and moral identity.  My current research focuses on understanding when our moral cognitions will (vs. will not) guide our behaviors.

ShiangYi Lin, MS/PhD Student
  • I study the perception and evaluation of social others in group contexts. What especially interests me are the roles of stereotypes and group identities in shaping people's cognition and behavior toward others, and also the way by which biases can be mitigated (e.g., via establishment of social norms).

Nick Ungson, MS/PhD Student
  • I'm currently doing research on the different ways that we mentally represent loyalty and how these representations each involve distinct motivations and group-relevant goals. I'm also interested in moral construal; that is, what factors affect whether or not we moralize objects, events, and behaviors in our environment?"

Stephanie Cerce, MS/PhD Student 
  • My research interests include morality and intergroup relations, as well as religious and political psychology. My current research focuses on the psychology of blame, including how information regarding a transgressor’s personal history influences blame ascriptions.

Natasha Thalla, MS/PhD Student
  • I am interested in the psychology of religion and how that interacts with group processes.  With Dr. Packer, I am looking at how people can manipulate others (and are vulnerable to manipulation as a result of) signals of commitment to the in-group 

Irmak Olcaysoy Okten, MS/PhD Student  



Faculty Collaborators

    • Jay Van Bavel, New York University - website
    • Christopher Miners, Queen's University - website
    • William Cunningham, University of Toronto - website
    • Alison Chasteen, University of Toronto - website
    • Kentaro Fujita, The Ohio State University - website
    • Michael Gill, Lehigh University - website
    • Ingrid Haas, University of Nebraska-Lincoln - website
    • Almut Hupbach, Lehigh University - website
    • Gordon Moskowitz, Lehigh University - website
    • Padraid O'Seaghdha, Lehigh University - website
    • Geoffrey Leonardelli, University of Toronto - website
    • Michael Wohl, Carleton University - website 


    Lab Alumni

    • Phillip Adrian Snow, M.Sc. Student
    • Samantha Golden, Honors Student (now at Israel Teaching Fellowship)
    • Derek Debellis, Honors Student (now at University of Vermont)
    • Scott Herman, Honors Student (now at Thomas Jefferson University)
    • Jonathan Lui, Honors Student (now at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis)
    • And many many research assistants!